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From: Yvonne DeJong
Subject: gabriel & julian 7Gabriel and Julian+++++++++++++
DISCLAIMER! PLEASE READ!The following story is pure fiction and simply a creation of my
imagination. Gabriel Byrne is not gay as far as I'm concerned. I don't know
any of the characters mentioned personally!If you are under 18 or feel disgusted by homosexual sex you shouldn't be
here. Please 2nd life porn vidos don't read this story then because it contains male-male sex.Here we go. Another chapter is ready. I'm in a creative mood at the
moment. *bg* Anyway. Just a quick note to remind you that the story is
based in 1985!! Gay people weren't really accepted in public. Just to make
sure you understand the thoughts of the characters right.
++++++++++++chapter sevenGabriel spent the next week visiting Julian in hospital. Julian was
recovering well because Gabriel was there to make him laugh and forget his
"accident". And even though Gabriel still wondered what had really happened
he didn't ask Julian any more. He knew that Julian would tell him one day.When he was not visiting Julian Gabriel was in the house where Julian lived
with Guy. Guy was very talkative -- at times even too talkative -- so it
was never boring with him. They talked about Julian a lot but Guy never
told him what Julian's problem was. And Gabriel accepted it. In fact he was
happy that Julian had such a good friend. It's not always easy to find
someone you can trust. Gabriel had experienced that too. He wasn't sure how
his own friends would react if they found out about his relationship to
Julian. But he wasn't keen to know it. Sarah's reaction had been enough.Each time Gabriel thought of Sarah he immediately thought of something
different. He didn't want to think about the problems she may cause. What
if she told his parents? No the thought was too downloads videos anal h1 scary to think about.All Gabriel wanted was to live with Julian and to enjoy himself. What was
so wrong about that? Why did people judge others just because they were
homosexual?But at the moment he couldn't do anything anyway because Julian was still
in hospital. When Julian was fit again they could think about what to do
next.***"Hey Gabe!""Hi Julian!"When the door had closed the kissed each other happily."They say I have to stay another week.""A week?? Oh, that's so long. I miss you at home." Gabriel complained."I'm sorry but I can't help it. I told them I want out as soon as
possible. But they say I have to stay at least one more week. Then I'm free
to go." Julian sighed. Then he kissed Gabriel"Don't worry. I'll survive in here." he said."I know that YOU will survive... But I'm afraid about myself." Gabriel
sighed."I haven't touched you for so long now.""Yes and you know why! Because this nurse is always watching me. One false
move and everyone will know that we're gay! They'll kill us! -- not
literally but you know that people aren't tolerant 10yo non nude galleries at all!" Julian was a
bit angry because Gabriel knew all that."I know." came 60 s adult costume the low response. "but still.."They were both silent for some seconds. Then Julian proposed:"Why don't we just go for a little walk.""Yeah, ok." Gabriel sighed.They went through the backdoor of the hospital that led them into a
wonderful garden where all the patients could go for a walk or just sit on
a bench to enjoy the fresh air. It was lunch time so there were hardly any
people out here.Julian led them to a small corner at the other end of the small park.Nobody was there except the two of them.Gabriel gave him a questioning look."I know what you think." Julian said innocently and pressing Gabriel into a
corner of the garden he kissed him passionately."Hmpf...." 6 pin din female
Gabriel tried to catch his breath under Julian's kisses. He
hadn't expected that at all but found that he liked it."But... the nurse... and....... the people....." he tried to speak."aren't they going to....""search for me? No. They're all having lunch now. Believe me they're very
hungry. Just like I am." and with that Julian continued kissing the other
man.He too had missed touching Gabriel. Feeling him near, kissing him, smelling
his adorable scent.All these days in hospital they could just kiss quickly when they were
alone in a room. But nothing more. No holding hands during visits, no
hugging -- nothing. All the time they had to fear that someone might see
them. People did not accept gay people. And now all these emotions and
needs that had to be hidden came up again.They didn't take time to pull off their shirts. They just opened them a
little and lowered their trousers so that their skins could touch.Julian took over control as he had started all this. He began to stroke
Gabriel's face and neck. 14 16 porn Then lowering towards his chest always following
his hands' movements with his mouth kissing the other man's body. He could
hear Gabriel moan and enjoyed ever single sound the other man made while
Gabriel stroked Julian's hair.He too had missed him very much. Sometimes he had tried to please himself
when Guy wasn't at home. But it had never worked out very well. kisd 12yo sex He felt
that he needed Julian's fragrance and movements to 3 cock fuck turn him on.And it worked really well now. Gabriel hadn't felt such a pleasure for
quite a long time now. His whole body was responding to petite blonde 07 Julian's
strokes. Where Julian's hands met his skin he felt shivers and waves of
pleasure.It didn't take him long to become 60 s adult costume aroused and Julian noticed that. He too
felt excited by what they were doing.Julian lowered himself until 14 yr nude pics 19th gold playboy he kneeled in front of Gabriel. He pulled down
the other man's boxers and began stroking his cock. Gabriel loved it. He
loved it how Julian moved his fingers around it stroking it gently at first
and then harder to turn him on."Try to be not so loud!" Julian whispered, quickly getting up to kiss the
older man in order to keep him quiet."What if someone hears." he said in between the 14 16 porn
kisses.Gabriel had not noticed how loud he had been. It just felt so good that he
was nearly forgetting where he was. Trying to suppress his moaning he
kissed Julian."Maybe you let me go on before I go crazy." Gabriel said.He got down on his knees in order to give the pleasure he had just received
back to Julian. He had only once nude girls 17
sucked a cock and that was with
Julian. And even though this was only the second time he found he loved
it. He started by kissing its tip and then continued with engulfing it
fully. He slowly pull it out of his mouth and then in again knowing that it
drove Julian mad when he did so. With his hands Gabriel caressed Julian's
legs and his back. From time to time he pinched him or even bit him
slightly feeling the shivers running through the younger man's body.But suddenly Julian stopped him."What's the ma..." Gabriel couldn't finish his question because Julian was
pulling him up and pushing him behind the next bush."Argh" Gabriel moaned."What's happening here? I heard some noises?" Gabriel recognized the
nurse's voice."Nothing. Just going for a walk" Julian answered."'You sure? I could bet I heard someone moaning.""That must have been me, I fell down and hit my knee.""But that's no reason to blush Mr. Sands." the nurse didn't seem to be
convinced."Well I suppose we'd better get inside for lunch then." she said."Yes that's a very good idea. I don't expect any visits today anyway."
Julian was intonating that last sentence 4shared fuck
making clear that Gabriel should
go home kisd 12yo sex and not come back before tomorrow.Gabriel remained silent behind the bush until the nurse and Julian had
disappeared. Then he got up, checked his clothes and left the hospital
making sure nobody could see him.He was really disappointed. He had been horny since Julian was in hospital
but now it was even worse. He held his jacket in front of him so that
nobody noticed how desperately he needed relief.When he adult dating near 62049 arrived at home he went up to the guest room that was his for a
while and lay on the bed. free 12-15 pussy Maybe he could just finish it by himself he
thought. Julian wouldn't mind.He pulled down his trousers and boxers and pulled off his shirt.Then 12yr old girls pussy he cuddled under the blanket and slowly his hands wandered down
towards the reason for all this trouble. He thought of Julian kneeling in
front of him how he caressed him and sucked his penis. the waves of
pleasure came back and now that he was alone he allowed himself to moan
loudly.Julian had wanted him. He incest 9 had kissed him passionately showing him that he'd
do anything Gabriel wanted. Gabriel loved these kisses. He always got lost
in them and always feared he'd fall unconscious just because of their
kissing.Then he thought how he had pleased Julian. His cock had tasted so good. He
had wanted to eat him up never let go of him. But there was this fucking
nurse who had disturbed them. Gabriel never hated her more than at that
very moment.The thought of her disturbed him and he stopped his masturbation.No, he couldn't continue now. The thought that she had nearly caught them
really turned him off.He sighed and got up again. He put on a bathrobe and went into the living
room where the telephone was.He called some of his friends he hadn't talked to for quite a while and
told them that he was alright, planning a new movie. That was the best
excuse for 3 cock fuck
his long stay in London. Some of them asked him about Sarah and
he told them half of the truth. They had split because he didn't love her
anymore. A lot of his friends were released as they heard the news. They
obviously had 98 supra twin turbo
not liked Sarah very much."She all petite 12
was 5 naked lesbians always a bit weird when you were not there, y'know?" one of his
mates called Keith said. "Speaking about things she knew nothing of. I'm
glad you left her."Gabriel was really surprised that he had not noticed what his friends had
thought about his ex-girlfriend.After finishing his calls he wondered whether he could call Julian in
hospital. His lover had told him to keep away for the rest of the day but
did that mean family incest 8 that calls were prohibited as well? Well he'd test it. If
Julian was to arrest him afterwards he would gladly go with him.He heard the beep tone twice before he heard Julian's sleepy voice."Hello?""Hi Julian, it's me, Gabriel""Gabriel! Thank god they didn't catch you. Are you ok?""Yes I'm fine. Just wanted to check whether you got away too.""Yeah everything's ok. I'm a bit in a need though if you know what I mean."
it was now that Gabriel realized that Julian's voice was not sleepy but
full of suppressed desire."I know what you mean. Me too." Gabriel said moaningly."Oh stop it Gabe!" Julian complained at the other end."What? What did I do?""You moaned you idiot. You wanna kill me?" Julian sounded really 10yo non nude galleries strained."I'm sorry Julian I didn't mean to. Really I...""Go on then, idiot!""What?""Well you started now you can as well continue, can't you?""But I... erm... on the phone??" Gabriel was shocked. He knew Julian could
do a lot of things but asking him to moan on the phone was a bit too much."Come on it won't SEX HO5SE PORN
hurt you. Just once so that I have something to remember
and work on." Julian sounded really desperate and Gabriel found that this
was their only chance to hot 13 age girls survive this day without bursting with emotions."Ok then.... uuuuuhhh...." he moan in a low voice. In response he heard
Julian groan at the other end."Oh Gabe I need you right now.... uuhhh.....""I know....." Gabriel breathed heavily."Just imagine I'm there stroking you.... aaaahhhh... uuhh...." he continued
moaning."Aaaaaaahhh..... Oh shit. I think someone's coming...""Try to keep quite." Gabriel urged him."We'd better hang up now Gabe!""But...""It's better! Not that someone notices. Don't worry I can go on myself now
with the memory of you and your voice." Julian whispered in a low voice
that turned Gabriel on so much."Ok..... if we have to..... I love you!""Bye.""Bye." and with that Julian hang up.Gabriel stared at the floor for some seconds before he realized he still
held the receiver.He hung up and went into the bathroom. He needed a shower after all this
stress.***As the warm water ran down his body Gabriel felt that he still needed
Julian. He looked down and saw the confirmation for his theory. His cock
was still hard. Gabriel could not help but remember Julian's moans on the
telephone. He imagined him lying 14yo. girl fucking
in the hospital bed, receiver in one hand
and with the other hand playing with his penis. His face a grimace of
desire and lust nearing climax.Just the thought of this scene could 14 porno pix make Gabriel shoot off at once but he
forced himself to calm a little. He didn't want to waste the pleasure this
picture was giving him right now. Gently he moved his left hand over his
chest caressing all the spots where Julian had kissed him. A warm shiver
went through his body that was definitely not caused by the water.Then he engulfed his penis with his right hand while supporting himself
with his left downloads videos anal h1
hand at the wall. His knees were getting weak as he stroke
himself. He thought of Julian who was probably doing the same now. How much
he wanted to feel him to 16 y.o thong be near him push his cock into Julian's body. The
need became more and more urgent and his knees finally gave in.Gabriel sank down on the ground of the shower his head leaned back against
the wall, eyes closed moaning loudly. His left hand was still at the wall
searching for support while his 19th gold playboy right hand moved up and down his hard cock.He couldn't hold it any longer. There was 6 months pregnant only Julian inside his
head. Julian sucking him, Julian enjoying their lovemaking as Gabriel
caresses him, Julian stroking himself, Julian everywhere having sex in any
position.Gabriel felt warm shivers running through 16 y.o. naked girls his body. Far away he heard a
loud voice that was screaming like mad. Then he realized it was his own. He
moaned wildly stroking himself and thinking of his lover he was longing for
so much and with one more loud groan he came.Seconds later his body loosened and he felt the warm water running all over
his body. He felt deeply relieved yet a bit sad that Julian had not been
there to share it with him.He forced himself to get up, left the shower and walked towards his room
wearing his bathrobe.When he was about to enter it he heard Guy's voice behind him."Had some fun, eh?"Gabriel blushed. Guy had heard him, how embarrassing."No need to blush 19th gold playboy
mate! I know you hadn't had any ^�fun' during the last
time."That was too much. Gabriel hurried into the room and closed the door.He had never been caught in the act -- and not after that as well. He felt
so ashamed. The thought that Guy had listened to him made it even worse.He tried not to think about it and got into bed. Luckily he fell asleep
very soon.++++++++++++++++++thank you for reading my story. if 34d blonde you want to comment on it, just send me
an email to yvonne_and_eloyyahoo.comI always like to get some feedback! :)
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